Black Athletes Against Empire:

The Art of African Agency against German Imperial Agendas, 1900 BCE-2018 CE Dedication This brief presentation is dedicated to the lives of the too-often overlooked victims of Germany’s Scramble for African land— the Herero, Namaqua and KhoiSan— and Afro-German people in their quest for freedom, justice and the fullest expression of their human potential. Introduction                                                                     Continue reading “Black Athletes Against Empire:”

While the examples of Frederick Douglass or John C. Fremont Project are more principled than #Lincoln, I admire these three Republicans for taking a stance against the empty faith of Trumpism. Too bad they are not in Congress to wage the fight on that front.

Black Power Pedagogies This is a photograph of Maritcha as an adult. In adulthood, Maritcha was able to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming a school teacher. In her memoir, she credited the many people who helped her at every step of the way. In childhood, there were her parents, who “made over a sickly, peevish, unproposingContinue reading “Black Power Pedagogies”

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