Grupo Nzinga, Africana Studies Program host Women’s Empowerment and Capoeira Angola Event

On International Women’s Day, Friday, March 8, a partnership between Women Watch Africa, Grupo Nzinga, Africana Studies @morehouse, and the AUC Woodruff Library, will co-host a panel discussion from 7 – 9 pm with guests, Paula Barreto, Bayyinah Bello, A. Yeye Olori Oriyomi, Kwame Wilburg, Erica Lorraine Williams, and other action-oriented thought leaders. Organized by Sis. Myriam Dormer and Grupo Nzinga, this panel discussion will focus on highlighting the achievements and challenges of women in the US, Brazil, and the African diaspora. 
The Nzinga Capoeira Angola Group is dedicated to the preservation of traditional values of Capoeira Angola and of Bantu culture through research, training, rodas, publications, debates, art and social activism. Grupo Nzinga is guided by the wisdom of Mestra Janja and Mestra Paulinha who, each in their own way, seek to provide continuity to the teachings and lineage of Capoeira Angola’s greatest advocate, Mestre Pastinha. 


The Panel and roda are #CongoCurriulum and Women’s History Month events. All students should attend, participate and learn.
Samuel T. Livingston, Ph.D. | MOREHOUSE COLLEGE | Associate Professor, Director | African American Studies Program|830 Westview Drive, S.W. | Atlanta, GA 30314 | |

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