Dr. Corrie Claiborne takes us Between Jordan Peele’s Get Out and the Extraordinary Life of Artist, William H. Johnson

Great blog post by @profclaiborne that links Jordan Peele’s Get Out and visual artist, William H. Johnson.

The Living Ain't Easy

Teaching our class on Gullah Geechee Culture for the second time at Morehouse College has me considering what ways that Gullah people see the world differently. The Gullah worldview is something that I know exists, in part, because it is something that I experienced growing up in South Carolina. It is something that I also recognize has also been written about in books. I could go on about the ways in which Zora Neale Hurston has talked about this way of seeing in a variety of works or LeRhonda Manigault Bryant recognizes that Talking to the Dead –as the title of her book suggests is a key process, as is seeking and interpreting dreams, in the creative lives of lowcountry black women. However nothing has had me thinking more about having a different way of seeing, what W.E.B. Du Bois called having a “second sight” or “double consciousness” than…

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