Morehouse Telema 2016 Statement

Morehouse College’s African American Studies Faculty, Staff and Students stand in solidarity with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo in their pro-democracy protests. We support their peaceful struggle for a constitutionally elected president who respects constitutional constraints on power, especially term limits. Congolese protesters are expressing their just demand for a regular transitionContinue reading “Morehouse Telema 2016 Statement”

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: The Fragility of White Women Allies

In 1866, Author, orator and activist, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper spoke before the Women’s Rights Convention in , New York. Her words speak to us in this coming Trump era, delivered in part by middle of the road and conservative white women who strongly backed the P***y grabber. —————— “You white women speak of rights.Continue reading “Frances Ellen Watkins Harper: The Fragility of White Women Allies”