New Study Abroad Exploring the Mouride Diaspora

Calling all students of Africana cultures:

Please consider the wonderful opportunity afforded by our brand new, New African Diasporas study abroad program. Morehouse College has collaborated with World Learning’s School for International Training (SIT) to develop an innovative study abroad program that will facilitate student exploration of the culture, history, religion, and business and social networks of the Mourides, a progressive Muslim movement founded by the revered Cheikh Amadou Bamba in 1883. Bamba’s brotherhood was the first nonviolent anti-colonial liberation movement in the modern era predating Mahatma Gandhi’s movement by at least a generation. The Mourides are a positive presence in cities in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mansa Bilal King, 15-20 Morehouse students will be joined by a similar number of peers from other HBCUs and Traditionally White institutions for a 14-week semester abroad traveling to Senegal, Italy, China and New York City.

Dr. Mansa Bilal King (kneeling) with members of the Hizbut-Tarqiyya, Souleye Diallo (2nd from Left) and Laurie Black (SIT)

Students will travel to sites within each country while pursuing a 16 hour, 4 course load including the following:

  • Africana Muslims (African American Studies and Sociology)
  • Migration and Entrepreneurship (African American Studies and Business)
  • New African Diasporas: Frameworks and Fieldwork (African American Studies and Sociology)
  • Introductory Wolof I and II (AAS and Modern Foreign Languages)

For African American Studies majors and minors, all courses will count toward graduation requirements within the existing curriculum guidelines. All minors should see your major academic advisor for advice on counting these courses.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, Mouride. (MLK, Jr. International Chapel, Morehouse College)


Morehouse College’s and World learning’s purpose in the New African Diasporas Program is to increase the percentage of students participating in study abroad from historically underrepresented demographic groups. In this case, African American males are the primary group addressed. All HBCU students are the next priority. The costs (roughly the cost of Morehouse tuition) and other details are available here:  Further information on how students may fund the program is available here: 

Please feel free to contact me, Dr. King or Director Coles about this wonderful program. 

Samuel T. Livingston, Ph.D │ MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Director | African American Studies Program830 Westview Drive, S.W.Atlanta, GA 30314 | 404.215.2750 (p) | samuel.livingston@morehouse.edu

Mansa Bilal Mark King, Ph.D│ MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Associate Professor | Department of Sociology830 Westview Drive, S.W.Atlanta, GA 30314 | 404.681.2800, ext. 2780| mansa.king@morehouse.edu 

Julius E. Coles MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Director | Andrew Young Center for Global Leadership830 Westview Drive, S.W.Atlanta, GA 30314 | 404.614.6040 (p) | Julius.coles@morehouse.edu 


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